How to setup your light and shoot - studio lighting Vol.2
“ portraits, fashion and commercial “ 
by hamed afifi

Day 1 “ Theoretical “ 5hrs 
- Quick recap and introduction on lighting "natural, continuous and artificial light" . 
- Understanding the use of the light.
- Shadows and reflections.
- Shaping the light. 
- Introducing some tips and tricks on how to add “back, hair, rim and edge light “. 
- How to light and separate the background.

Day 2 “ theoretical and application “ 5hrs 
- How to break the fear of studio lighting. 
- How to reduce time and effort.
- How to illustrate an idea and how to practically apply it.
- How to (specify/define) the (appropriate/proper/suitable) lighting for the current shoot.
- From basic to professional lighting setups. 
- Show case of how to use minimal lighting equipment to get the shot you want. 

Day 3 “ practical “ 5hrs 
- Setting up the studio from scratch. 
- Start using 1 source of light and adding more sources ( up to 7 sources ). 
- Adding reflectors/ flags / vflats / bnw boards. 
Be creative And lets shoot 
This workshop is suitable for beginners and intermediate levels 

Duration: 15 hours total instructions 5hours for 3days and students are expected to do homework and course preparations.
Dates:  4th, 5th & 6th of Feb 2023
Workshop Fees: 5000 EGP
Location: Project X Studio in Maadi ( location will be sent on WhatsApp Group)

You can confirm your spot by paying the amount through 
instapay "hamedafifi@instapay" 
and send us the receipt to confirm your spot at 
Or via bank transfer,  Please email us so we can send you the bank account details

About Hamed Afifi 
Hamed Afifi is an Egyptian Portrait, Commercial and Fashion photographer based in Cairo, who has been inspired by many forms of Art specially photography. In 2007 he started a normal career as a banker but later In 2015 he quit his job and travelled to New York City where he can pursuit his dreams and gain knowledge. He studied photography at New York Film Academy and had the chance to learn from the top photographers and visual artists in New York. 
After his return, Hamed opened his own studio/company "Project X Studio" alongside while working with several clients and accounts towards expanding his portfolio.

Thank you!
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